This Person Corrects a Sexist Cosplay Meme

August 8th 2016

With the theatrical release of Suicide Squad, Harley Quinn will probably be a costume favorite during Halloween. But one meme circulating online is trying to rain on the parade months in advance:

Harley Quinn memeFacebook - facebook.com

With more than 26,000 likes and reactions and more than 24,000 shares, this meme embodies the all-too-common slut-shaming women face during Halloween.

Some comments reflected the sexist sentiment, while others pointed out the problem with the meme:

Facebook memeFacebook - facebook.com

Facebook memeFacebook - facebook.com

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But thankfully, the manager of the popular Facebook page Everything Nerdy and Anything in Between made some necessary corrections to remove its sexism:

Facebook memeFacebook - facebook.com

As Bustle wrote, there are several reasons to not shame women for wearing revealing Halloween costumes (or clothes in general):

  1. "People aren’t always dressing to look sexy."
  2. "Even if they are trying to look sexy, it’s not always for other people."
  3. "Even if it is for other people, it’s not always to gain sexual attention."
  4. "And so what if it is for sexual attention?"

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