The Interesting Thing That Happened on Porn Sites During the Debate

September 30th 2016

Danielle DeCourcey

People are passionate about this presidential election: A record-breaking 81 million people watched the first presidential debate between Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

One graph released by Pornhub shows exactly what people are willing to sacrifice for politics.

Some voters were so invested in the election that they apparently skipped out on a "personal activity" to engage in the political process: they left Pornhub.com to watch Monday's presidential debate.

Pornhub released some enlightening information about its visits during debate night. Traffic to the site dropped sharply as the debate started and then returned to normal right afterwards.

Pornhub's Traffic Change During the Presidential Debate

"Across the United States, visits to Pornhub fell as much as 16 percent compared to an average Monday in this time period. Traffic was down slightly below average in the hours leading up to the debate and then drop sharply at 9pm. By the end of the debate traffic had recovered fully to match normal Monday night levels."

Based on Pornhub data, the three places where the dip was most pronounced: New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and the District of Columbia. Visits to the site dropped by 21 percent in those places.

Pornhub traffic changes in each state during the presidential debate.

The seemingly least politically engaged Pornhub users live in Hawaii, Alaska, and Mississippi. Traffic dropped in those states by only 4 percent during the presidential debate.

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