Orthodox Jewish Immigrant Powerfully Tweets About His Vote

November 8th 2016

Lucy Tiven

Orthodox Jewish immigrant Yosef Rapaport's tweet about casting his ballot is spreading a powerful message all over social media on Election Day.

Rapaport wrote that he wanted to dedicate his vote to U.S. Captain Humayun Khan, a Muslim Pakistani-American immigrant who was killed in 2004 while serving in Iraq.

Khan's "devotion makes (religious) freedom possible," Rapaport wrote.

The 62-year-old Orthodox Jewish immigrant came to the United States from Canada 40 years ago, The Washington Post reports.

“The attack on Muslim minorities causes great concern for me because we are in the same country, we are protected by the same rules,” he told the outlet.

Khan's father, Khizr Khan, delivered a powerful speech at the Democratic National Convention in July.

It was during his speech at the convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, that Khizr asked Republican leaders to denounce GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump for his Islamophobic rhetoric and policy positions. He went on to famously accuse Trump of having "sacrificed nothing" and offered to lend Trump a copy of the United States Constitution.

The speech led Trump to launch attacks against Khizr and his wife Ghazala on social media and in television interviews, as USA Today reports.

Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson accused Khzir during a Fox News appearance in August of being "a strong proponent of Sharia law," the Hill reports.

"The attack on 'Shariah' is a direct assault on Jewish law practice," Rapaport told Mic. "I'm sure Captain Khan ate halal food supplied by the U.S. Army in accordance with Shariah law — and that's good!"

He added, "It's the same army that makes sure Jews in the armed forces have their kosher meals."

Rapaport's message resounded on social media, earning over 8,000 retweets as of Tuesday.

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