Students Tweet Their Fears After Trump's Victory

November 9th 2016

Tuesday's presidential election results shocked many Americans, and some of the greatest fears regarding President-elect Donald Trump's administration are held by the country's youngest citizens.

Minority, Muslim, and gay students tweeted their concerns about going to school after the election.

During his presidential campaign, Trump made comments about refugees from the Muslim countries, Mexican immigrants, and crime policy that have instilled fear in some minorities.

One teacher posted about her experience teaching children the day after the election. Najah Imani Muhammad posted that one of her second grade students said that he was afraid that Latinos would be deported. Trump promised to increase immigration enforcement during his campaign.

Muhammad said even though many of her students were frightened about what their future held, she remained hopeful for the future: "Their voices are powerful, even now. Looking forward to keeping my head up during this time, reminding my kids to do the same, and walking in the footsteps of great people who experienced greater pain and suffering."

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