Here's Heres Why Hundreds of Students Walked One Student to School

November 12th 2016

A college student reported that she was the victim of a racially charged incident on campus, and the way her classmates responded might surprise you.

In a viral Twitter video posted by a friend, a woman identified by BuzzFeed News as Natasha Nkhama, said she was allegedly shoved and called the n-word, while walking to class at Baylor University. ATTN: has not been able to independently verify this story.

"On my way to class this guy went out of his way to bump into me and sort of shove me off the sidewalk and he said no n*ggers allowed on the sidewalk," the woman claims in the video posted a day after the election. She then says that another stranger on the Waco, Texas campus, came to her defense.

"And this other guy behind me, both of them, neither of them I knew, and the other one said 'Dude, like what are you doing, like, that's not cool,'" says Nkhama.

The man who allegedly used the n-word responded: "And he was like 'Dude, what? I'm just trying to Make America Great Again,'" Nkhama says.

Baylor University released a statement on Thursday about Nkhama's story.

"Baylor administration has been made aware of a student who was pushed and subjected to racially offensive language from another student yesterday while on campus," the statement read. "The behavior is deeply disturbing and does not in any way reflect Baylor’s faith or values. We wholeheartedly condemn the behavior."

The video posted by Twitter user @ijaileene has been retweeted and liked thousands of times.

After the video went viral, other Baylor students responded in a positive way.

Hundreds of students walked Nkhama to class on Friday. They used the hashtag #iwalkwithnatasha to document the protest against racism.

After the walk Nkhama addressed the crowd.

"Thank you for coming today. I am completely blown away," she said. "I had no idea that this is what this would turn out to be."

She also thanked the stranger who spoke up for her.

"To the gentleman who said those words: I'm praying for you and I love you, and I don't know you but I hope you know everyone here loves you, and we just want to see the world be a better place."

Baylor University tweeted a statement from the school's president about the students' protest walk.

The President of Baylor University David E. Garland attended the walk and called it an "amazing experience."

"When we love others like this, we make ourselves so much greater. It means one walk in solidarity is not enough," he wrote. "Walking with our brothers and sisters must become a daily walk on and off this campus."

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