These Selfies from People in India Are Exposing a Serious Situation

November 12th 2016

If someone asked you which city suffers the most from air pollution, you might guess Beijing. But you'd be wrong; it's New Delhi, India.

According to CNN, some parts of New Delhi's smog levels have reached five times what is considered healthy, and the area near the U.S. Embassy registered air pollution levels three times worse than China's most polluted city.

The air problem caused the Indian government to declare an emergency situation in the city on Sunday. The city government is working hard to combat the pollution problem.

With all of that in mind, a new trend has caught on in New Delhi. According to Mashable, locals in the city are starting to take "smog selfies." This is where you take a selfie in an especially polluted area to show how bad things are.

These images show just overwhelmed New Delhi is with heavy smog. Long-term exposure to smog can permanently damage your lungs and the rest of your respiratory system.

As India becomes more modern and industrializes more, it could contribute more to climate change, and a lot of pressure has been put on India to meet goals nations are setting for fighting climate change. As the New York Times reported in October, a recent environmental agreement aimed at limiting hydrofluorocarbons that come from things like air conditioners put India in a tough spot. Only 5 percent of the country has them, but many are coming into financial positions where they will be able to afford this luxury in a very hot climate. Thus, the agreement had to give India more time to reach required limits.

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