'SNL' Perfectly Explained the White Liberal Bubble From This Election

November 14th 2016

A recent Dave Chappelle "Saturday Night Live" skit about an election party gone wrong hilariously exposed the difference between white and black liberals, while also highlighting that some Americans probably unknowingly live in a liberal bubble. 

The former "Chappelle's Show" star made a strong return to television as the host of the Nov. 12 episode of the popular NBC show. 

This was the first episode of "SNL" to air after President-elect Donald Trump's surprising defeat of Hillary Clinton in the presidential election. 

The sketch showed the stunning revelations many urban white liberals were forced to grapple with: racism still exists in America and urban liberals probably don't understand the working class too well. 

The sketch starts with Chappelle and some white liberal friends watching the election coverage at 6:00 p.m.

Everyone but Chappelle was overwhelmingly confident that Clinton would win.

"Guys we're about to have our first woman president, like, this is going to be a historic night," said Cecily Strong's character.

Chappelle responded, "It might be a historic night, but don't forget it's a big country." 

The white liberals in the room went on to assert that the "nightmare scenario" would be Trump winning the popular vote while Clinton won the electoral college. Then they confidently declared that the U.S. may never see another Republican president because of "shifting demographics."

Around 7:00 p.m., Trump started to win more states than expected, and Beck Bennett's character made a dubious assertion about racism in America. 

"Yeah, well, of course he won Kentucky, that's where all the racists are," he said.  

Eventually, Florida became "too close to call," but Bennett asserted that Latinos would never let Trump win Florida and proposed a toast. 

In the real-life presidential race, Trump won Florida. Eventually, surprise guest Chris Rock showed up to the party and asked for an election update. Aidy Bryant's character informed him of the bad news that apparently no one could believe: "Trump might actually win!"

Rock responded, "I mean, of course. What are you talking about?" 

After the election results revealed Trump would be the new president-elect, the Clinton supporters were stunned. 

"This is crazy. I mean, do you even know what it's like to be a woman in this country where you can't get ahead no matter what you do?" Cecily Strong asked.

At the end of the sketch, Bennett declared that Trump's victory was "the most shameful thing America has ever done." His comment prompted Chappelle and Rock to share a deep laugh.

People on Twitter loved the sketch and found its depiction of white and black liberals on election night to be all too accurate. 

Despite popular pre-election analysis, CNN exit polls from the election revealed that the two groups who showed up for Hillary Clinton were non-white Americans and a little more than half of white women with a college degree.

However, these groups didn't show up in the expected numbers.

Clinton only secured 65 percent of the Latino vote, but President Barack Obama had 71 percent in 2012. She also only won 54 percent of young voters ages 18 to 29 while Obama won 60 percent of that group in the 2012 election. 

Trump managed to pull strong numbers with white men and numbers that were much stronger than expected with white women. He also managed to grab nearly 30 percent of the Latino vote, despite his campaign rhetoric about immigrants. 

You can watch the entire "SNL" election night sketch below. 

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