Mom's Drawings to Her Daughter Have an Empowering Message

November 16th 2016

Since Donald Trump was elected as president Tuesday, there has been a lot of discussion on social media about how to talk to children about the outcome, particularly if the kids are disappointed by it. One mother decided after the election to take an artistic approach by drawing powerful famous women alongside one of their quotes in her daughter's lunchbox.

Meaghan Elderkin has been drawing lunchbox notes for her daughter, Holden, for years, but the notes took a pro-women turn this election season. The Rhode Island mom told Babble in an interview that she initially anticipated that Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton was going to win the presidency and illustrated a squirrel dancing in a leotard like Beyoncé in her "Single Ladies" video to celebrate this victory. However, after Trump won the election Elderkin said they were heartbroken.

“[Holden] was pretty upset,” Elderkin told Babble. “She’s a very sensitive kid, and she was genuinely worried about what would happen to some of the more marginalized groups in our country. But the morning after the election, she was the one comforting me and reminding me to ‘be brave like Malala.'"

Holden's words of wisdom led her mother to draw powerful women next to one of their quotes in the lunchbox notes:

She said she initially drew the women looking somber with their eyes closed because she felt that the country had let them down by rejecting Clinton. 

“I felt as if we, as a country, had let them down, and I think subconsciously I was trying to protect them from seeing what we had done," she explained. "But after a few days of moping and wallowing, I decided to take my own advice, and I redrew them. Bigger and more confident, and with their eyes open.”

A lot of women are voicing appreciation for Elderkin's artwork:

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ATTN: has reached out to Elderkin for further comment on her drawings and will update if she responds.

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