How Cartoonists Around the World Have Depicted Trump

February 3rd 2017

Following the 2016 election, foreign publications published a number of unflattering covers of the victorious Donald Trump.

Trump in German NewspaperDer Spiegel/Ad Week - adweek.com

Editorial cartoonists in foreign papers have similarly hammered Trump.

A cartoon from a newspaper in Baghdad that depicts Trump shooting an arrow through a prisoner about to be executed by a black-clad ISIS member (pointedly claiming the U.S. president's immigration ban is doing the terror group's dirty work for them).

Iraqi Trump CartoonImgur.com - imgur.com

In February 2016, The Independent cartoonist Brian Adcock portrayed Trump's candidacy as a hugely distracting temper tantrum that took over one of last year's GOP debates.

Scottish Trump CartoonBrian Adcock - politicalcartoons.com

Filipino cartoonist DengCoy Miel drew the following comic titled "Trump You All Down" for Singapore's Strait Times newspaper.

Trump You All DownDengCoy Miel/Strait Times - politicalcartoons.com

Slovak cartoonist Marian Kamensky referenced the infamous kompromat dossier, released in January, to depict the president working for a shirtless, Kalashnikov-toting Vladimir Putin and hauling a load of sex tapes.

Make Alaska Russian AgainMarian Kamensky - politicalcartoons.com

Kamensky also took aim at Trump's senior advisor Steve Bannon, who has been accused of being both a white nationalist and the secret power behind Trump's actions — charges Bannon has denied. In this cartoon, he depicts Bannon as a Nazi horse-whisperer, quietly ordering President Trump what to do.

Nazi Horse WhispererMarian Kamensky - politicalcartoons.com

Costa Rica's Arcadio Esquivel has taken a number of shots at Trump, depicting candidate Trump as killing himself with his own rhetoric in an October cartoon called "Big Mouth Guy."

Arcadio EsquivelArcadio Esquivel - washingtonpost.com

But after Trump's election, Esquivel, like many other cartoonists, took his work in a far darker direction. This cartoon shows Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin running toward each other like lovers.

Arcadio EsquivelArcadio Esquivel - politicalcartoons.com

Christo Komarnitski of Bulgaria reflected Trump's takeover of the Republican party in an October cartoon by showing him as a caveman in a dollar sign tunic.

Christo KomarnitskiChristo Komarnitski - politico.com

In a more complimentary drawing from November, St. Petersburg cartoonist Alexandr Zudin shows Trump carrying Barack Obama and Obamacare toward a garbage can.

Russian Trump CartoonAlexandr Zudin - politicalcartoons.com

While this cartoon from Jordanian artist Osama Hajjaj for Al Arab Al Yawm doesn't mention Trump, it makes a clear statement about Trump's impact on Muslims in and out of the United States.

Osama Hajjaj Trump CartoonMercury News - mercurynews.com

Finally, Angel Boligan, cartoonist for Mexico City paper El Universal, reflected his country's anger and insecurity over Trump's proposed wall on the US/Mexico border in this September cartoon — showing it as an Ark built to keep people out.

Angel Boligan Trump CartoonAngel Boligan - mercurynews.com

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