These Photos of Spring Breakers Give Americans Traveling Abroad a Bad Rap

March 22nd 2017

Almie Rose

Some shocking photos and videos of young adults on spring break have gone viral, but not for good reasons.

An Instagram account called TFM Spring Break (the TFM stands for Total Frat Move, an Instagram account that seems to glorify frat-like behavior) is getting heat for posting photos and videos of spring breakers abusing animals while on vacation abroad.

One man in Cococay, Bahamas, is shown drinking beer out of a starfish:

Other photos aren't tagged with the locations, and thus can't be identified, but regardless of whether these young adults are at home or abroad, they don't paint the best picture of responsible Americans.

There's this video that shows men using a dead shark that they may or may not have fished themselves, The Huffington Post points out (due to the fishing line in the shark's mouth) to open a can of beer:

People left tons of angry comments on this particular video:

dead shark beer video

As are the comments on a video of a young man picking up a small live crab, putting it in his beer, and shot-gunning it:

instagram comments TFM Spring Break

The appalling behavior isn't limited to animal abuse.

A group of American college students, while on a cruise for their spring break in Cancun, Mexico, chanted "Build that Wall!" The San Diego Union-Tribune reported on Tuesday. The resulting outrage was evident in both Mexico and the United States.

The Yucatan Times, a newspaper aimed at English-speakers in The Yucatán Peninsula off the Gulf of Mexico, also picked up the story on March 17, calling the behavior "unacceptable":

"During a family show on the high seas, young American spring breakers began to sing the controversial “Build That Wall” chant, which shocked Mexican national tourists and workers.

This is just one of the many blameworthy behaviors that young spring breakers have shown recently in Cancun and that are described as acts of xenophobia and discrimination against Mexicans within their own country, which is (or should be) totally unacceptable."

Additionally, as appalling as these behaviors are, there's an added layer to the starfish-as-beer-glass video. While starfish aren't a protected endangered species, as of May 2014, they are considered to be "threatened," according to Reference

As the U.S. enacts a travel ban, other countries may see how these Americans are behaving and possibly wonder if they should enact a travel ban of their own.

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