Bill Maher Predicts Whether Trump Will Be Impeached

April 21st 2017

Mike Rothschild

Since the day Donald Trump was elected president, speculation has swirled as to if—and when—he would be impeached.

So when ATTN: Editor-in-Chief Matthew Segal sat down for an interview with vocal Trump critic Bill Maher, it was only natural for him to ask the "Real Time" host that question.

Maher replied that it depended chiefly on one thing: the 2018 midterm election.

He believes that if Democrats continue "waking up" and are able to take control of the House and Senate intelligence committees, "yes, then he could absolutely be impeached."

To find out what Maher thinks could prevent impeachment, and to hear more of his thoughts on Trump's first 100 days, click the link below: