Bill Maher Roasts Republicans on Climate Change

April 23rd 2017

Mike Rothschild

In an interview with ATTN: Editor-in-Chief Matthew Segal, Bill Maher expounded on everything from marijuana to the president's temperament. When discussing climate change, Maher was particularly scathing in his assessment of Donald Trump and his supporters. 

"If we don't believe in climate change, why should we fund anything about it?" Maher asked, saying of Republican voters: "They don't care. It's not immediate. You know what's immediate? A wall."

As Maher sees it, Republicans look at terrible natural events like floods and see them as just regular old weather that's happened before. "You can't link one event to climate change," Maher noted, "the same way you don't know which Cheeto you ate gave you cancer."

For more of Bill Maher's thoughts on everything from Mike Pence to Lyndon Johnson to impeachment, click the video below.