This Woman Taught Her Male Co-Worker a Hilarious Lesson About Sexism

April 25th 2017

The story of a man's sexism and work, and the hilarious way a woman taught him a lesson, is going viral.

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Sarah Lerner, a co-host of the "Hellbent" podcast, tweeted a screenshot of a story about a woman at work, and it has been shared more than 6,000 times. The screenshot blacks out the name and identifying information of the people involved. An apparent witness to the incident, wrote that a man started to make a presentation in a team meeting and ordered a woman to take notes. Afterwards he asked whether she had recorded all of his comments. She responded like this:

"Then at the end when people finished asking questions, he asked her if she got that last thing he said, and she said, 'I am not your secretary. Literally all I wrote on this paper is I am not your secretary.'"

Other women responded to the tweet with their own stories of sexism at work.

ATTN: previously wrote about a viral experiment that taught a male co-worker a lesson.

In March, Martin R. Schneider tweeted about an experiment that he and his former co-worker Nicole Pieri did at their old job. Schneider and Pieri switched email signatures for two weeks and clients were much kinder and respectful when the email signature was Schneider's that they were with Pieri's signature.

Women often experience sexism in the workplace.

Women are often treated as inferior in subtle ways in the workplace, through "mansplaining" where men explain things to women in a condescending way, sexist jokes or stories, or dismissing them as "too emotional."

"'You shouldn't get worked up over this. You take it too personally,' as if men don't," Rosanna Hertz, a professor of sociology and women's studies from Wellesley College told ATTN: in May 2016. "What it's saying is that men don't show their colors and women really do."

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