Viral Post Reveals Ridiculous Tactic Some Women Use To Avoid Getting Hit On By Men

August 2nd 2017

A woman posted a photo of her hand wearing an engagement ring, but it's not a cause for celebration.

Mackenzi Guptill's now-viral Facebook post highlighted an issue many women deal with everyday, while often just trying to do their jobs.

"As much as I would love to say this post is the 'I said YES' post, it is not," Guptill wrote on June 28.

Mackenzi Guptill/Facebook - facebook.com

"This post is actually way more important and will help shed some light on the subject for those still struggling with the fact that women really do this kind of shit because we have to," she continued.

Guptill goes on to describe a recent job she held working the front desk at a hotel. "Around the beginning of June, an older man came to check in to the hotel," she wrote. "He seemed very friendly and kind. I was polite and chatted with him for a little while for two reasons. 1. Being polite is just what you do. 2. Customer service is a big part of front desk."

The man would continue to stop by for idle chat, and began to ask other coworkers about her. "I feel it's important to say I never once felt threatened or in danger," she noted.

Then, things got awkward.

"Last week he comes in while I'm working. We talk about books, he brings me another one, everything went like it usually did. Except then he proceeds to get personal and ask me 'so do you have a boyfriend?' This question totally threw me off. I told him I did, that we had been together for roughly 3 years. He then said 'well I didn't see a ring so I just assumed' which, okay I get. But it was the fact that for the next 20-30 minutes he still stood there and sort of tried to plead his case: telling me I was so smart, and intelligent, and how I could edit his book because of my major, and 'well no ring?'. Then it was a constant 'you should call me if things go bad' and just this lingering 'won't leave you alone' vibe," she wrote.

The major issue?

It was all sorts of wrong and I wanted so badly to tell him to fuck off and never come back. HOWEVER, I was at work. I need this job.

It seems the post resonated with many people as it has over 12,500 shares and 7,600 reactions.

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"And the fear of getting fired for yelling at some guy was definitely present in my mind," she continued. "And I thought 'he hasn't DONE anything physical, he's just talking too much and too creepy'. Finally he left but not without telling me he would definitely be back and to 'keep him mind' if I'm lonely."

As if that wasn't bad enough, Guptill noted this entitlement from male customers persisted, claiming harassment became a regular occurrence. That's when her boyfriend suggested she get some use out of the fake engagement ring she got as part of a keychain from a friend.

"I got to work the other day and my coworker that was harassed by the same guys (here's the kicker) WEARS A FAKE RING TOO. FOR THE SAME REASON. Is this clicking?" she wrote. "My coworker and I wear fake engagement/wedding rings as a tool to get guys to leave us alone. And not the casual guy that doesn't know you're in a relationship, but for the guy that won't leave you the fuck alone."

She ended her post writing: "This is bullshit, you guys. Pure, 100%, bullshit. And I'm sick of it."

Other women commented that they also found wearing a fake ring was the only way to stop harassment and unwanted attention from men.

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Because even if the women say they're not interested, or have a boyfriend, they're still not left alone. It actually takes a visual clue of a ring to suggest she's taken by another man in order for a man to walk away.

And "telling them off" as one person suggested in a comment on her post either doesn't work (as some men when "told off" get even more aggressive), or isn't an option (as "telling them off" at work could lead to being fired.)

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It's not that men shouldn't flirt with women; it's that men should respect women when they're told the woman is uninterested.

This issue of male entitlement goes back to street harassment, and why some women purposefully wear headphones while walking down the street in order to avoid it.

women and headphones postIvan Coyote/Facebook - facebook.com

But some men pointed out that they've worn fake wedding rings, for the same reason.

One man wrote a comment on Guptill's post stating, "not all guys do this but a mass sum of all guys do." But that's not the point of her post. Though the same thing may happen to men, and that all men don't harass women, Guptill was harassed, and her story struck enough of a chord to amass thousands of comments from women who go through the same thing.

Read Guptill's full post below.

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