Victims of Anti-Transgender Violence in America in 2017

November 22nd 2017

At least 25 transgender Americans have been killed in 2017, making it the deadliest year on record for trans people in the U.S. Some of the victims are Ally Lee Steinfeld, Stephanie Montez, Derricka Banner, Kashmire Redd, Kiwi Herring, Gwynevere River Song, TeeTee Dangerfield, Ebony Morgan, Aya Le’Ray Barrin, Josie Berrios, Kenne McFadden, Sherrell Faulkner, Chay Reed, Alphonza Watson, Jaquarrius Holland, Ciara McElveen, Chyna Gibson, Keke Collier, JoJo Sriker, Mesha Caldwell, Jamie Lee Wounded Arrow.