Miley Cyrus Just Started an Amazing Hashtag For the Trans Community

June 15th 2015

There's a lot to respect about Miley Cyrus. The child actress famously abandoned her "Hannah Montana" identity and never looked back when she performed a raunchy, fearless, much-discussed dance at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards (which some say contributed to her broken engagement to actor Liam Hemsworth shortly thereafter). Despite the criticism from many, Cyrus stayed true to herself, her beliefs, and her new look.

Cyrus, who said in a recent Paper magazine interview that she doesn't identify with any gender, debuted a two-week Instagram campaign on Monday titled InstaPride to celebrate "transgender and gender expansive people from around the country."

Cyrus also shared two photos of a young individual named Leo who is participating in the movement:

Cyrus said in her recent chat with Paper magazine that she's dated females as seriously as she dated Hemsworth and Nick Jonas, but that those never gained any traction in the media.

"I don't relate to being boy or girl, and I don't have to have my partner relate to boy or girl," Cyrus said. "I've had [serious relationships with women], [b]ut people never really looked at it, and I never brought it into the spotlight."

Cyrus' campaign comes two weeks after Caitlyn Jenner made her world debut on the cover of Vanity Fair.

Jenner, who went on to break President Barack Obama's Twitter record of acquiring a million followers in five hours, wrote on Twitter that she couldn't be happier to live how she wants after more than six decades of hiding her true self:

Cyrus honored Jenner with her own Instagram reimagination of the Vanity Fair cover a little more than a week later:

For more on issues facing transgender Americans, check out our video on the battle for gender neutral bathrooms:

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