Amy Schumer Just Nailed the Strange Princess Obsession

June 25th 2015

Amy Schumer is at it again. This time, the comedian is taking on the Internet's obsession with everything princess and telling us why the classic scenario is really just a teenager marrying a prince with one goal: to make a male baby.

In the video, 'Princess Amy' lives a peasant life, until one day when fashionisto Tim Gunn walks into her log cabin -- and suddenly everything becomes enchanted. Once the tiara is set and the chirping birds have helped dress her in her gown, it is time for her to marry a relative and produce an heir.

"Of course, incubating a prince is literally your only role," Gunn says.

Unlike the animated classics and more like the historical reality, Princess Amy's fate is the more realistic version of what happened when women did not conceive a boy.

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