Key and Peele's Hilarious Response to Men Who Hate Periods

July 16th 2015

Comedy Central hit "Key and Peele" gave men a "menstrual orientation" in Wednesday's episode. Duo Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele portray men speaking at FAS (For All Species), a play on the TED Talk series, about the importance of treating women well during their periods.

"What if we told y'all that once a month, half the human race is in pain and the other half don't want to hear shit about it?" Key says before he and Peele gesture toward their genitals and welcome the audience to menstruation orientation.

When a male attendee gets up to leave, seemingly disgusted by the subject matter, feminist heroes Key and Peele shame him in front of everybody.

"We know you don't want to hear about it, but [women] don't want to have it, so sit your ass down and listen for once in your life," they shout.

During a woman's period, the men say, it's crucial to "be sensitive to that shit" and not focus on the negative.

"Don't say chillax, relax, calm down, and how come," Peele says.

"Don't say ass, fat, grumpy, or cranky," Key says. "They've got blood coming out of their vaginas, yo."

"That's some Biblical plague shit, yo," Peele says.

"That would be like once a month if you had locusts flying out of your dick for a week," Key says.

They point out that men wouldn't simply be "cranky" if this were to happen, but so scared that they would run around screaming like children. Key and Peele then hilariously demonstrate. It gets even sillier from there, but Key and Peele get the message across that men should be more sympathetic to women during that time of month.

"It is much worse for them than it is for you to hear about it," they say. "So listen to what's going on with your female emotionally and get your bitch some chocolate! Don't call her a bitch, but get your bitch some chocolate!"

During the season five debut of "Key and Peele" last week, the comedians highlighted the troubling nature of female objectification in the world.

In a segment titled "Pirate Chantey," a group of male pirates are singing about their experiences with women and how they treat them. They also encourage sexual consent, which has often been a source of complicated discussion in our culture.

"I once met a lass so fine, she was drunk on barley wine, I'd been to sea for months a-three, I knew I could make her mine," Peele chants. "And the lass was past consent, so it was off with her we went. We threw her in bed and rested her head and we left because that's what gentlemen do."

The men then sing together, "A woman has a right to a drink or two without worrying what you will do. We say 'yo ho' but we don't say 'ho' because 'ho' is disrespectful yo."

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