In One Joke, Larry Wilmore Just Nailed The Problem With "All Lives Matter"

July 23rd 2015

On Wednesday's "The Nightly Show," host Larry Wilmore discussed a political misstep that several presidential candidates have made: the use of the phrase "all lives matter." Over the weekend Democratic presidential candidate Martin O'Malley was booed on the stage at Netroots Nation for saying "Black lives matter, white lives matter, all lives matter" (not once, but twice).

"So it seems like there's a little confusion here over this phrase," Wilmore said, commenting on the fact that Hillary Clinton also used the phrase last month.

"Why can't you say 'all lives matter?'" he continued with mock confusion. "I mean, it sounds like it makes sense."

There to brilliantly answer that question was comedian Felonious Munk.

"In the parlance of the hour, if I break my legs, I do not want the doctor telling me 'all legs should be healed,'" Munk explained. "I want the doctor to fix my leg."

"OK, so you're saying 'Black lives matter' is a specific cry for something," Wilmore stated, "whereas 'all lives matter' is a just a way of shutting down that cry."

Watch the video below:

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