These Tweets All Hilariously Sum Up College in 3 Words

August 19th 2015

Nicole Charky

There's a big buzz surrounding college this week, and as students plan and prepare for higher learning, the trending hashtag #CollegeIn3Words is producing the kind of advice you might crave (or just giggle at) before your first day of school.

#CollegeIn3Words first started trending late Tuesday after Comedy Central's late night game show "@Midnight," hosted by Chris Hardwick, invited people to join the game by tweeting three words that explain their college life.

These 16 tweets sum up some of the hilarious college experience tips.

You can survive late night cramming and find time to sleep.

And when you don't, drink coffee.

You're going to have to shell out cash for some expensive text books.

You should probably put down that ramen noodle cup.

You might make some unique observations.

You find out how expensive college really is.

And although you might have some hurdles along the way.

There's still plenty of room for dreaming.