Here Are the Outrageous Memes People Are Making for Donald Trump

August 27th 2015

Social media has has become a defining battleground of the 2016 presidential election, with candidates pushing their platforms on networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Instagram in an apparent appeal to Millennial voters. Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton joined Snapchat this month; Republican hopeful Jeb Bush waged a Twitter war against Clinton's campaign; and just about every other contender who has eyes on the White House is also actively engaged online.

But the social media landscape that has developed throughout this election season is not only being driven by official accounts—unaffiliated supporters have also taken it upon themselves to advance the images and messages of their preferred candidates. One salient example of this trend is "Trump Wall," an unofficial Facebook page dedicated to raising public awareness of Republican frontrunner Donald Trump and the policies that he stands for.

"If you are sick and tired of being called a racist because you support legal immigration, you are at the right place," the page description reads. "Donald Trump is the only man in the race with the backbone to build a wall, and we support him!"

The page was created on August 22 and has managed to draw in more than 15,000 followers in less than a week. Using memes that are designed to entertain fellow Trump supporters, as well as links to articles covering the candidate, the page is quickly rising to social media prominence; but despite the significant amount of time and effort that seems to have gone into this novelty account, the person or persons behind it bear no official relationship to Trump's campaign.

A note simply reads that this is a "Donald J. Trump support forum," directing Facebook users to the campaign website for "official information."

On average, the page seems to upload and publish one to three pieces of Trump content (mostly original, or otherwise unattributed, memes) per hour.  Here are 10 examples: 


















"It is literally unpatriotic to hate Trump!"

As the title would suggest, Trump Wall's political focus appears to be on the issue of illegal immigration, which the candidate has fiercely opposed at campaign events and press conferences across the country. Trump has said that he would build a Great Wall of China-inspired wall on the U.S.-Mexico border and deport the country's more than 11 million immigrants if elected president. Besides pro-Trump images, the page also takes jabs at Trump's Republican opponents as well as Secretary Clinton, who is depicted in one meme as being ejected from Trump Tower while wearing a crown.


ATTN: reached out to the page administrator for comment but they could not be immediately reached before the time of publication.

In the website section of the page, a link redirects users to an online media organization called Consciously Enlightened, where much of the news content of Trump Wall is sourced. Trump Wall is categorized as a "magazine" on Facebook, and though we have tried contacting several writers who have published articles on Consciously Enlightened (the contact link on the website is broken), no messages have been returned as of yet.

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