Jessica Biel Gives You the Hilarious Sex Ed Course You Never Had

October 3rd 2015

Jessica Biel, Joy Bryant, and Whitney Cummings joined forces to talk about sex, and the result is three informative, fantastically hilarious PSAs. Live on Funny or Die and YouTube, the trio created videos together and individually for the WomanCare Global (WCG) “If You Don’t Tell Them, Then Who Will” campaign.

The goal is to encourage conversations and start real talk about women’s bodies, reproductive health, and contraception. WCG (and the enlisted actresses) are all about providing reliable information to make informed decisions, as opposed to choosing based on misinformation or just your friends’ personal experiences.

The scene is set with the three actresses casually discussing what sucks about birth control pills. Their statements are interjected with short bursts of facts (and common sense), like guzzling birth control pills won’t make them more effective. (And, truly no topic is off limits in this awesome series.)

“If I just swallowed all the time, I wouldn’t have to take a birth control in the first place,” Biel says to the laughter of her friends.

The videos, despite their comedic front and short length, actually share quite a bit of helpful info. For example there are IUDs with hormones and ones without. And, some IUDs can decrease the menstrual flow.

Like the series says, take a quick break and educate yourself about your sexual health, and tell your partners and friends too.

As ATTN: has pointed out before, sex education classes can often be incomplete—and sometimes focused on solely on abstinence. In fact a New York University student started #BetterSexTalk to fill in major sex education gaps, including sexual violence and affirmative consent.

While these videos are not a substitute to comprehensive sex education courses, they're a conversational supplement to get people talking about important issues.