#CocksNotGlocks Just Got The Support of a Major Online Adult Retailer

October 16th 2015

Alex Mierjeski

Days after University of Texas (UT) students pledged to parade the campus with "large swinging dildos" in protest of concealed carry gun laws on Texas campuses, a major online retailer of pornography and adult paraphernalia pledged its support, giving away free and discounted sex toys to protesting students.

The online e-tail site GameLink (link very NSFW) said this week that it supported the #CocksNotGlocks movement, generously gifting—wait for it—69 free dildos to first-responding students with valid ID, and 20 percent off any dildo or vibrator for all other students, according to a company press release.

UT alumna Jessica Jin organized the protest in response to a recent spate of shootings on college campuses, including in Oregon and Texas. The protest is slated for the first day of Fall term classes in 2016, right around the time a new law allowing licensed students to carry concealed handguns on some Texas campuses takes effect. For the protest, which is pushing 9,300 attendees on Facebook, Jin noted on the event page that "quality dildos, especially super large ones, can be a little pricey. If we can gather enough willing participants, I will personally take it upon myself to put in the time and legwork to find a dildo supplier sponsorship."

GameLink emailed Jin shortly after the Facebook page went viral. "We heard about your scheduled 'Cocks Not Glocks' protest, and we applaud you for your activism efforts and sex-positive message," the email, included in a GameLink press release, reads.

"GameLink is one of the leading international online retailers of adult entertainment, offering everything from sex toys to video-on-demand releases, lingerie, adult DVD’s, and lubricants, and we support opposition to Texas’ new 'campus carry' law. Like you, we believe that guns have no place on university campuses, while promoting healthy sexuality, consent, education, and sex-positive discourses are exactly what higher learning should entail."

"We're more of a love not war company," Jeff Dillon, vice president of business development at GameLink's parent company, eLine.com, told ATTN:. "We'd rather help people procreate, rather than have people destroy each other and our society." Dillion said that some students had reached out for more information, and at least one had submitted an order for an imitation member.

GameLink is not the only external support the planned protest has gotten. Comedian Larry Wilmore devoted a segment to the protest on "The Nightly Show" Tuesday night, during which he also called for viewers to tweet photos of "#SolidarityDildos" in support of UT students.



On Twitter, supporters were already using the hashtag, even though the protest is almost one year out.