IHOP Is In Trouble Over Their Twitter Account

October 19th 2015

Laura Donovan

IHOP came under fire over the weekend after tweeting a photo of a pancake stack with a dab of butter on top and the words, "flat but has a GREAT personality."

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Though captured via screenshot, IHOP has since deleted the tweet and issued an apology. Many, however, were unhappy with the tweet's underlying sexist message, which seems to mock women with small breasts, as the pancake photo resembles one in appearance.

IHOP breast tweet

Here's IHOP's apology:

Last year, IHOP digital marketing expert Darrin Kellaris told Adweek that the brand had recently stepped up its social media presence to appeal to young people. In September 2014, IHOP tweeted a photo of a pancake stack beside the words, "dat stack though," another reference to breasts. A year ago, IHOP received more than 26,000 retweets for a tweet reading, "Pancakes on fleek," utilizing the phrase "on fleek," or "on point."

"Twitter for us skews younger so it's important to talk the talk when it comes to that fan base," Kellaris told Adweek.

While some were amused by IHOP's "flat" tweet, not all appreciated the company's attempt to make the younger generation giggle. Here are some reactions to IHOP's tweet and follow-up apology: