This Trans Girl's Before and After Photo Turned into the Best Reddit Q&A

October 25th 2015

On Friday, a Redditor who started her transition from male to female a year ago posted a before and after one-year anniversary photo titled, "A lot can change in the span of a year."

The girl in the photos, Gwen—who goes by the username "Vacancies"—posted the before photo along with the caption: "A few years ago when I felt my worst, 2013(?)"

Vacancies Beforeimgur - imgur.com

Above the after photo, she excitedly writes: "The 1 year mark! Oct. '15."

Vacancies Afterimgur - imgur.com

Within hours of the photo's upload, the thread garnered more than 900 comments—most of them included very candid questions from Reddit users who are curious to learn more about the sexual transition process. Luckily, Vacancies is open to answering them.


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You can read through the rest of the Q&A here.

Being the internet, the responses were not all positive.

In an email to Attn: Gwen writes, "Well, the response wasn't all big and positive - while the majority was, there were definitely more than a few comments and private messages telling me that I'm a freak and should kill myself."

But Gwen doesn't let that get to her. She continues:

"That being said, it was so nice to see all of the positive comments of support people left for me! I feel like if I had posted the same pictures 5 years ago, I wouldn't have gotten the same response - some support, definitely, but not as much as I received yesterday."

Inspired by the support, Gwen uploaded even more photos of her transition later on, revealing a more steady transition over the past year.

Reddit 5imgur - imgur.com

Some Reddit users apologized for their "ignorance" and curiosities, but asking about something you don't know is the only way to open up your world view.

"It was nice that it turned into a sort of mini Q&A!" Gwen told Attn. "I've found that most people have the best intentions even if they have poorly worded questions. The thing is, most people haven't really interacted (at least knowingly) with a trans person and therefore don't really know proper etiquette. I try to just look past that and answer as best I can while also telling people when questions are too invasive."

Happy 1 year, Gwen!

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