Zoe Saldana Has Strong Words for Anti-Immigrant Haters

November 5th 2015

Kyle Jaeger

Zoe Saldana says that anti-immigration attitudes in America are outdated and offensive, alienating a key demographic that has been historically marginalized. The actress expressed frustration over anti-immigration comments that have made headlines recently in an interview with Latina magazine. She also argues that these comments are ultimately futile.

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"This topic of immigration hurts because I don't want to be angry anymore. I don't believe that what anybody else is saying is true about me or my people," Saldana said. "I'm kind of embarrassed when you see all of these people talking on national television."


What's more, anti-immigration politicians such as Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump—who has routinely offended Mexican Americans and announced plans to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border—fail to appreciate the history of immigration in America.

"[I]t’s like, Oh my God, if your grandfather were alive today, when he came here from Ireland, from Italy, escaped the fucking war in Russia—you're rotting his name to shame," Saldana added.

"You can't kill us. You can't send us back. We are millions and millions here because it is our time to migrate. We are the youngest culture. We are doing what your people did. So shut up and just deal with it. Adjust your laws, because it’s not going away. If anything, I want to give them a hug, and say, 'It's okay. It's new. Don't be scared. We're great people. We're gonna do great and better things for your country. Trust me.' We're not angry either. We're a culture that isn't angry."

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