Here's What Marijuana Does to Your Sex Habits

November 10th 2015

Millennial marijuana users have better, more diverse, and more active sex lives than their non-using peers, according to the SKYN Condoms Millennial Sex Survey.

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The popular condom brand surveyed 500,117 Millennials in the U.S. between the ages of 18 and 34, asking a range of intimate questions about their sexual activity. Those who reported smoking weed every day appeared to have the most fulfilling sex lives, according to the survey.

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Studies show that marijuana enhances sex drive, but the survey offers a comprehensive overview of the anecdotal evidence supporting claims that stoners have better sex.

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Here are the sex habits of Millennial stoners.

Fourteen percent of marijuana users report having sex "several times per day" (compared to five percent among non-users). Stoners apparently also have more sexual partners than non-users, the survey found. On average, 37 percent of people who smoke every day have 15 or more partners (compared to 14 percent of those who have never smoked).

While male stoners appear to have trouble keeping an erection—with studies showing that high levels of marijuana consumption affects erectile function in a way that is comparable to alcohol (hence "weed dick")—that doesn't appear to make them any less confident in bed. Fifty-nine percent of users describe their sexual performance as "amazing" or "very good." Only 41 percent of non-users would say the same.

Survey participants who regularly smoke weed also reported having more one-night stands than non-users by a margin of about 28 percent (80 percent among stoners, 52 percent among non-users).

All in all, this self-reported survey might not provide the most accurate reflection of marijuana users' sex habits; the scientific data currently available suggests that stoners are more monogamous than the survey indicates, for example. But if you're looking to spice up your own sex life, marijuana might be the herb to do just that.

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