Donald Trump Just Had His Wildest Speech Yet

November 13th 2015

Business mogul and 2016 presidential candidate Donald Trump has been one of the most memorable contenders in the race so far for many reasons. With his shoot-from-the-hip speaking style, Trump has often got himself into hot water, or at least into the headlines—a feat he managed to easily pull off Thursday night at a campaign rally in Iowa during which he called his top contender "stupid," among many other things.

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In a 95-minute tirade against his competitor, former neurosurgeon Ben Carson, Trump took full advantage of recent controversy over allegations that Carson may have muddled facts about his life story, calling out Carson for a terminal "pathological temper," a condition he equated to that of a child molester. In an even more dramatic move, Trump released an attack video on Instagram criticizing Carson.

Here are some of the most aggressive, out-there things the real estate king said in Fort Dodge.

On Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton: "She's playing the woman's card big league."

Hillary Clinton For Profit Colleges

In the latter half of a meandering speech, Trump brought up his running mates in the 2016 race, first attacking Clinton on the Benghazi scandal. "They're [the U.S. Government] protecting her," and describing that her only voting appeal is due to her gender. "People are sick and tired of her whole big attitude," he said. "Honestly, outside of the woman's card, she's got nothing going."

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On fellow Republican contender Marco Rubio: "Weak, like a baby."

Marco RubioFlickr/Gage Skidmore - flic.kr

Mocking Rubio's "weak" stance on immigration, Trump compared the junior Senator from Florida to a baby. "Nice guy—weak on illegal immigration. You know that. Weak Rubio. Ready? Weak on illegal immigration, like, weak, like a baby, like a baby," he said, adding that Rubio's propensity to sweat would make him a bad poker player [read: diplomat; strategist; president]. "If he was playing poker with me, I'd say 'Ah, I know what,' the water would start pouring off of his body—I'd say, 'Ahhh,'" Trump joked.

On ISIS: "I would bomb the shit out of them."

Screenshot of a video released by ISIS apparently showing the beheading of a Kurdish man in IraqScreenshot of a video released by ISIS apparently showing the beheading of a Kurdish man in Iraq

Speaking about the self-proclaimed Islamic State's control over lucrative oil reserves, Trump said he "would just bomb those suckers, and that's right I would blow up the pipes, I would blow up the refineries, I would blow up every single inch. There'd be nothing left." Trump added that once oil companies move in and rebuild operations, he would build a defensive "ring" around them and "take the oil."

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On Ben Carson: "But if you're a child molester there's no cure, they can't stop you. Pathological, there's no cure."

ben-carsonFlickr/Gage Skidmore - flic.kr

In perhaps the most pointed attack of the night, Trump launched off against Carson, who has been competing for the top spot in the polls with Trump since the release of his autobiography, "Gifted Hands." In the book, Carson describes a troubled upbringing and childhood, noting "pathological" behavior that led him to attack friends and family. "He said that he's pathological and that he's got basically pathological disease," Trump said of Carson, comparing the tendency to the behavior of a child molester.

"If you're pathological there's no cure for that folks," he said. "[I]f you're a child molester, a sick puppy, you're a child molester, there's no cure for that. There's only one cure, we don't to talk about that cure. That's the ultimate cure. No there's two, there's death and there's the other thing. But if you're a child molester there's no cure, they can't stop you. Pathological, there's no cure. Now he said he was pathological, okay."

On Carson's alleged attempted stabbing, which he said was blocked by a belt buckle: "Anybody have a knife?"

In another controversial passage in Carson's book, he describes attempting to stab a friend only to have the knife break on a belt buckle. Attempting to disprove the story, Trump jokingly invited anyone in the audience with a knife to try and stab him in the belt buckle, saying it would most definitely work since belts are able to move "this way, it moves that way, it moves this way," he said, rotating his own belt.

Addressing voters who support Carson, Trump asked: "How stupid are the people of Iowa? How stupid are the people of this country to believe this crap?"

Watch the full speech below:

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