One Guy Just Brilliantly Trolled Critics of Campbell's Gay Dads Ad

November 13th 2015

Third time's a charm for budding comedian Mike Melgaard, who famously posed as Target to make fun of discriminatory customers and trolled Doritos fans who disliked the brand's pro-LGBT rainbow chips. Melgaard is back to his old tricks, and he recently posed as Campbell's Soup to mock critics of the soup maker's recent advertisements featuring gay dads.

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The Campbell's Soup gay dads ad.

The commercial in question shows a dad feeding his son and saying, "Cooper, I am your father." The camera then shows another man who tries to feed the boy and says, "No, I am your father."

Campbell's Soup gay dads Campbell's Soup YouTube - youtube.com

Some Campbell's fans took to the company's Facebook page to complain, prompting Melgaard to change his profile picture and name to "Campbells ForHelp" to troll the haters:

Campbell's Soup gay dads The Gaily Grind - thegailygrind.com

Campbell's Soup gay dads The Gaily Grind - thegailygrind.com

In an earlier interview with the Huffington Post regarding the Doritos stunt, Melgaard said he enjoys calling out anti-gay bigots.

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"I think many find [my posts] so appealing because I'm just openly calling this nonsense out for what it is," he said. "It's amazing how many people are just waiting for the one person to come along and really say what everyone already wants to say. And, to top it off, there are those who really believe I'm a real help-desk person! I mean, it's hilarious when you have a full out conversation with Dora and she ends it with, 'Stop Deflecting, Doritos' ... I just hope that my funny antics allow for people to get a glimpse at the serious side of this."

Melgaard also said it was important for him to support the LGBT group It Gets Better, which partnered with Doritos to make the rainbow chips, because LGBT youth are at an increased risk of suicide.

"[S]uicide is one of the leading causes of death for these young people," he said. "They're literally killing themselves because they feel rejected and unwanted. The only 'agenda' taking place here is to prevent people from taking their own lives ... I find it absolutely heartbreaking that these people are so narrow-minded and unaccepting of others' views that they mistake everything as a personal attack on how they feel the world should be."

ATTN: reached out to Melgaard for comment about Campbells ForHelp, but did not hear back by the time of publication. ATTN: Will update accordingly.

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