Everything We Know About the Deadly Attacks in Paris

November 13th 2015

A series of deadly attacks across Paris on Friday night killed 127 people, Reuters reports. It is the deadliest violence France has seen in decades.

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A Paris prosecutor said that a total of five gunmen had been killed, but accomplices of the gunmen may still be on the loose. 

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Here's what we know. 

  • A shooting outside a Paris restaurant killed at least 11 people.
  • A shooting outside a concert hall, the Bataclan, killed at least 15 people. 
  • At least 100 people were taken hostage at the Bataclan, where an American band, the Eagles of Death Metal, was performing. 
  • At least 118 people were killed at the Paris concert venue, AFP reported. 
  • French security forces were deployed to the concert hall and killed two gunmen, the Associated Press reported.  
  • A Paris prosecutor said that a total of five gunmen were killed

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  • A suicide bombing reportedly occurred outside a Paris bar. Information is developing about this incident. 
  • A suicide bombing reportedly occurred outside a soccer stadium, where French president Francois Hollande was in attendance. 
  • After safely escaping the stadium, Hollande delivered a statement, declaring a state of emergency and announcing that the country's borders were effectively closed. 
  • "We have to show compassion and solidarity and we also have to show unity and keep our cool," Hollande said. "France must be strong and great."
  • President Barack Obama delivered a speech following the attacks in Paris, offering condolences and support to France. 

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  • "Those that think they can terrorize the people of France and the values that they stand or are wrong," Obama said.
  • Paris Deputy Mayor Patrick Klugman told CNN that there were between six and seven separate attacks in the city. 
  • No terrorist group has claimed responsibility for the attacks, CNN reported. 
  • French officials are investigating possible connections to terrorist activity. 

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