Police Respond to Mass Shooting in San Bernardino County

December 2nd 2015

UPDATE: Law enforcement and first responders in San Bernardino, California, responded to an active shooter situation Wednesday morning with early reports indicating that 14 people dead and 14 injured, according to San Bernardino Police Chief Jarrod Burguan.

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According to the San Bernardino County Sheriff, police confirmed that there are one to three suspects. Footage from local news reporters on the scene showed emergency responders laying victims in an intersection, with many appearing to have gunshot wounds. 

The incident occurred at an Inland Regional Center, an education provider specializing in people with disabilities. 

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ATTN: is closely following this story. Check back here for more updates as it develops. 

UPDATE December 12: Previous breaking news reports indicated that there were 12 killed in the shooting. This story has been updated to include the recent number of reported fatalities and injuries.

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