This Woman Became a Viral Meme Who Pledged to Destroy ISIS

December 7th 2015

Thor Benson

It all started when a commenter under the name "Linda Glocke" wrote the following message on an ABC7 Los Angles story about ISIS in January: "I will destroy ISIS."

From there, the internet took over, and "Linda" became a meme.

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Linda Glocke

Who is Linda Glocke?

As The Daily Dot points out in an article about this meme, Linda appears to be a friendly middle-aged woman who wouldn't necessarily be hunting down brutal terrorists. Most of her other comments make her appear to be a religious woman who usually expresses grief for tragic events, except for the penchant for violence she rarely presents.

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Linda Glocke

The internet sees Linda as a cold-blooded killer, though, and there are many glorious images showing this.


There have also been parody accounts created for Linda Glocke on Facebook and Twitter.



Unfortunately for Linda Glocke fans who would like to know if she is actually out in the Middle East tracking down these terrorists with a knife between her teeth, The Daily Dot was unable to locate the real Linda Glocke. The closest they got was finding out that her profile picture is from a larger picture of people attending a health sciences meeting in Nepal. ATTN: combed Twitter, Facebook and other websites for evidence of who this mysterious figure turned meme might be and was also unable to locate her. We'll just have to imagine she's in Syria or Iraq hunting terrorists with nothing but the stars to guide her.

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