Anonymous Is Inviting You to International ISIS Trolling Day

December 8th 2015

Online activists affiliating themselves with the hacker-collective Anonymous are gearing up for what they are proclaiming a day of online mockery directed at the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS) on Friday.

A note spread through Twitter accounts claiming links with the collective instructs anyone interested on what to do for #trollingday, as the it's being called, to join in the effort. The list includes jeering at terrorists by using hashtags commonly used by IS-linked accounts to post mocking photos, reporting IS accounts for suspension, and lobbing personal, religious, and political offenses at IS militants and sympathizers.


"Let's try to get #Daeshbags trending," the note reads, in reference to the somewhat-offensive Arabic name for the group, as well as the obvious, intentional malapropism.

"Print out pages showing how ISIS does not represent Islam," it urges.

Other Photoshopped insults already exist, and could see a resurgence come Friday. Pictures of IS militants with rubber ducks pasted over their heads, and general duck-centric perversions of the terror group's imagery, is one popular theme.

Other riffs were less nuanced.

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This isn't the first time online activists and hackers have targeted the group. Following the attacks in Paris, hackers coalescing under the Anonymous banner took to Twitter and other social media sites, targeting thousands of accounts linked with suspected IS members and other sympathizers. Other online hacking collectives like GhostSec have launched smear offensives as well. Last week, visitors to the domain for one pro-IS website were redirected to a banner ad for sexual enhancement medication.

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