Americans Have Had Enough With Police Violence. These Photos Prove It

December 13th 2014

UPDATE 5:30PM ET: Many of the marches on the East Coast have ended, but protests in California and in other parts of the country are still going strong.

Right now in Berkeley and Oakland, CA:

In San Francisco, CA:

In Charlotte, North Carolina: 

In Helena, Montana: 

Earlier today in Manhattan:

Photos from Washington, DC, from our partners at OurTime.org

Justice4All March Washington DC

Justice4All March Washington DC

Justice4All March Washington DC

UPDATE 3:15PM ET:  Marches continued with crowds in the thousands. The marches on the West Coast have also started.

In Washington, DC: 

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan was among the crowd:

In New York:

In Boston:

In Berkeley, California:

Today there are thousands of people across the country who are marching in an event promoting #Justice4All, which has grown out of the protests following the decision in Ferguson, the Eric Garner decision, and the death of Tamir Rice. One of the biggest marches is in Washington, DC, but similar events are happening in New York City, Oakland and San Francisco, and Chicago.

Head of the American Federation of Teachers Randi Weingarten spoke out: 

People came in on tour buses to attend the march in DC.