Donald Trump in Hot Water Retweets a Racist Twitter Account

January 22nd 2016

Donald Trump, the GOP frontrunner currently leading the polls in both Iowa and New Hampshire, retweeted a supporter whose account is riddled with overtly racist and anti-Semitic sentiment.

The account in question, "@WhiteGenocideTM," posted a photo depicting Republican contender Jeb Bush standing outside one of the businessman's namesake buildings, holding a "Vote Trump" sign. Trump manually retweeted the post, by quoting @WhiteGenocideTM's tweet and sending out the post to his followers on Friday morning.

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@WhiteGenocideTM, an account with a little more than 2,400 followers, has a feed mostly dedicated to slanderous posts against immigrant communities, Black people, and Jewish people. Many of the posts on the account are retweets of violence allegedly meted out by those communities. In the bio, the user, who also lists the name as "Donald Trumpovitz," links to a pro-Adolf Hitler film and lists the location as "Jewmerica."

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A background photo for the account shows a black background with the words, "Get the fuck out of my country," splayed across it in red stenciled letters.

@WhiteGenocideTM ProfileTwitter - twitter.com

Others on Twitter called out the candidate for retweeting the account.

In an apparent victory lap, @WhiteGenocideTM also replied to the candidate's retweet with a photo depicting the businessman spanking Bush, accompanied by a "Stop Hillary in 2016" text bubble.

This is not the first time the candidate has come under fire for questionable activity on the microblogging platform. One of his many Twitter indiscretions happened in November of 2015, when the candidate retweeted falsified statistics on crime in the U.S. showing high percentages of so-called "Black-on-Black" crime. The statistics, which were roundly and immediately discredited, were originally posted by a Twitter user with a history of racist tweets.

The Trump campaign has so far not responded to media inquiries about the post.

Editor's update: Since publishing this post, @WhiteGenocideTM protected all of its tweets, making them invisible to the general public. 

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