5 Major Companies That Don't Drug Test

February 1st 2016

There are many terrific companies to work for, but there are also many terrific joints to be smoking. What's a man or woman to do? As we've explained before, drug testing is typically a waste of money and often unfairly dives into an employee's private life, so many marijuana advocates and others are against it. (We also want you to know there are ways to beat drug tests.)

Many small businesses and certain kinds of industries (like marijuana shops) that don't typically drug test, but we wanted to take a look at our favorites from Fortune's list of top companies to work for and Glassdoor.

Fortunately, many drug companies couldn't care less if you go home and roll a J, so let's look at the five best companies where you can do that. (For the record, ATTN: is one of them.)

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1. Google

Google headquartersWikimedia/Ashstar01 - wikimedia.org

Location: Mountain View, California

Google is rated by Fortune as 2015's best company to work for, based on its extensive yearly survey. Perhaps one of the reasons the company is so highly rated by its employees is that Google does not drug test, according to sources that have confirmed this for ATTN:. A lot of Silicon Valley companies don't drug test and that's likely because a lot of tech developers enjoy marijuana. If your talent pool enjoys getting high but is also incredible at their work, then you might have to be cool about it.

Benefits: An onsite fitness center, college tuition reimbursement, unlimited sick days, benefits for same-sex couples and more.

2. Twitter

Flickr/Kevin Krejci - flickr.com

Location: San Francisco, California

Twitter is rated number 24 on Fortune's list and the company has a lot to offer. It has more than 2,500 employees and pretty good perks. Former employees confirmed testing does not occur, however the company declined to comment on its policy.

Benefits: Twitter has an onsite fitness center, unlimited vacation days and paid time off, same-sex benefits and more.

3. Whole Foods

whole foods headquartersWikimedia/LoneStarMike - wikimedia.org

Location: Austin, Texas

Whether you're working at a Whole Foods market or at the headquarters, you're not going to be drug tested. The company confirmed this for ATTN: via email.

Benefits: Same-sex benefits, optional shorter work weeks, employee discount and discounted gym membership.

4. National Public Radio

npr headquartersWikimedia/Aude - wikimedia.org

Location: Washington, D.C.

NPR is a prized source of information for many Americans and apparently the media organization doesn't drug test.

Benefits: Quality health insurance, a retirement plan, parental leave, paid time off and paid holidays.

5. Red Bull

Red Bull headquartersFlickr/Jim Larrison - flickr.com

Location: Santa Monica, California

Red Bull's main headquarters is located in Austria, but the North American hub is in California. The company is known for their energy drinks but also produces live music events and extreme sport activities. The company confirmed for ATTN: that it does not drug test.

Benefits: Paid time off, a 401K plan, quality health insurance and gym membership discount.

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