Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton Just took the Gloves Off

February 5th 2016

Mike Vainisi

Thirty minutes into the New Hampshire debate between Sen. Bernie Sanders and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, both candidates have sharply criticized each other over the question of who is "progressive" enough and who is less compromised by campaign money.

In what was probably the most contentious exchange of any Democratic debate this campaign, Sanders levied a harsh criticism at Clinton for taking contributions from Wall Street and for the fact that Clinton's campaign is supported by super PACs. Clinton responded by arguing that Sanders' definition of progressivism is so extreme that it would not even include President Barack Obama. She argued that she is indeed a progressive, but the difference between her and Sanders is her willingness to work with Republicans and independents to "get things done."

Sanders also said that Clinton's backing by high-level Democrats proves that she is an "establishment candidate," not a grassroots progressive candidate like he is. Clinton, though, said that her status as the first woman to contend seriously for the White House makes her anti-establishment. She then blasted Sanders for insinuating throughout the campaign that she is compromised by campaign money and speaking fees, calling this an "artful smear." She asked Sanders to name one time where she changed a position over money. "You will not find that I've ever changed a view or a vote because of any donation I've ever received," Clinton said.

Sanders retorted by making the general point that you cannot discount the influence of big money in legislative outcomes, particularly with financial regulation and pharmaceuticals.

Watch this video from Sanders' speech following the Iowa Caucus where he blasted billionaires buying elections:


Bernie Sanders just blasted billionaires buying elections in an emotional speech after the Iowa Caucus.

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