The Most Annoying Facebook Posts By State

February 9th 2016

There are many ways to annoy your friends on Facebook, and social media marketing website Rantic.com has just revealed the most annoying Facebook posts by state. Surveying more than 10,000 social media users, Rantic organized annoying Facebook posts into five categories: personal problems, selfies, political posts, food pictures, and baby pictures:

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Annoying Facebook posts ranked.

Facebook posts about personal problems annoy nearly half of the United States. Selfies take second place; political posts and food posts are tied for third place; and baby photos fall at the bottom of the list of most annoying Facebook posts.

In other words, California residents may experience more backlash for being negative about life on Facebook than Floridians, who are more annoyed by selfies.

Other issues brought upon by social media.

Instagram star Essena O'Neill and model Stina Sanders recently denounced social media for portraying an unrealistic message about a person's life. O'Neill made headlines in late 2015 after saying in a YouTube video that her glamorous looking life on Instagram is not a reflection of her reality and that it's important to remember social media isn't an accurate depiction of real life.

"I'm the girl who had it all and I want to tell you that having it all on social media means absolutely nothing to your real life," O'Neill said in her viral YouTube video, which she has since deleted. "Everything I was doing was edited and contrived and to get more views ... Everything I did was for views, for likes, for followers."

Essena O'Neill

Facebook use and mental health.

Also last year, a study in the Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology found a link between depression and heavy Facebook usage. Study author Mai-Ly Steers told Forbes at the time that heavy users might experience depression as a result of comparing their lives to those of their Facebook friends.

“You should feel good after using Facebook,” Steers said. “However…the unintended consequence is that if you compare yourself to your Facebook friends’ ‘highlight reels,’ you may have a distorted view of their lives and feel that you don’t measure up to them, which can result in depressive symptoms."

The meme "Be Like Bill" recently went viral and started a dialogue about annoying social media habits.

Be Like Bill creator Eugeniu Croitoru created a cartoon character Bill — a hero who does not do any of Rantic.com's list of annoying things, such as oversharing about personal problems.


The Be Like Bill Facebook page includes cartoons of other characters, and one recent image mocks the selfie tendency to include the "duckface" expression:


Debabrata Nath, who works with Croitoru on the Be Like Bill memes, recently told Wales Online that the page "is not meant to be taken too seriously."

"Its main aim is to make people laugh and at times also put some points across via satire about how they should behave on the internet or in life as general," Nath said. "The idea is already viral and it definitely is influencing some people to an extent - hopefully in a positive way."


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