How Much Each Candidate Spent per Vote in Iowa and New Hampshire

February 11th 2016

As the 2016 presidential race heats up, candidates are pumping a lot of money into the key primary states in an effort to win over voters and change the course of the election. But money doesn't always translate into votes, as the Iowa Caucus and New Hampshire primary demonstrated. If you want to assess how each Republican presidential candidate fared in the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday, one telling metric is how much money they spent per vote.

The winner, GOP front-runner Donald Trump, received about 35 percent of the vote and has spent the very least among his opponents in Iowa and New Hampshire: an average of $90 per vote.

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The come-from-behind, second-place candidate, Ohio governor John Kasich, also spent remarkably little on votes — $112 per vote — which contrasts sharply with spending data from the other seven candidates.

Ben Carson scrapped together a little over 2 percent of the vote in the Granite State but put the most money into his Iowa and New Hampshire campaign efforts: $2,303 per vote.

The spending data is subject to change as each campaign files updated numbers, but as it stands, the current spending trends demonstrate that Trump is doing well and Carson needs improvement. There's a lot at stake in the race, but pouring money into these primary states doesn't seem to be helping the candidates at the bottom.

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