This Map Shows the Most Popular Plastic Surgeries in the U.S.

February 22nd 2016

Plastic surgery is huge in the United States, with Americans totaling over 15.6 million cosmetic procedures annually. Common procedures can include anything from tummy tucks to Botox to labiaplasty, but there are certain surgeries whose popularity tops all of the rest.

An annual report by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons found the most popular nips and tucks from each of the five regions in the United States: New England/Mid Atlantic, Central, South Atlantic, Deep South and Mountain/Pacific.

A map of the data is below.

Most Popular Plastic Surgery

As the map clearly shows, the popularity of breast augmentation dominates much of the country. In addition to being the number one procedure in the Central, Deep South and Mountain/Pacific regions, it was also the second most performed surgery in the two regions that weren’t colored pink on the map.

The West Coast nabbed 30 percent of the total cosmetic surgical procedures, which is double or triple compared to other regions. Hollywood culture may be a part of this, but it turns out that its influence stretches far past California. A recent survey from the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery revealed that celebrity/social media culture has led to an increase in cosmetic procedures in Millennials across the country, with a 64 percent increase this past year in patients under the age of 30. Going under the knife is also gaining ground in other groups, as more minorities are choosing plastic surgery and more men are getting work done too.

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But although certain procedures have seen a surge in popularity over the past five years and within select pockets of people, since 2000, the United States has actually seen a 12 percent decrease in total cosmetic procedures. Over the past fifteen years, rhinoplasty(nose jobs) and liposuction have each decreased by over 40 percent nationwide. So, even though some procedures like breast augmentation are steadily on the rise, the total numbers of procedures are either stagnant or on the decline. And with the hike in body positivity campaigns from major fashion brands and on social media, this might be a trend that continues to lose steam.

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