Meet the Young Female Voices Supporting Bernie Sanders In Nevada

February 20th 2016

LAS VEGAS — A Sen. Bernie Sanders rally in Henderson, Nevada started out feeling like a rock concert with Cold War Kids and Chicano Batman, then morphed into an energized rally Friday night. But what was most notable were the number of Millennial women there.

As the country watches Nevada on Saturday, there are a wave of young voters entering this election — many for the first time. This will also be the first election where Millennials actually match the voting power of baby boomers, the Wall Street Journal reports. ATTN: asked these young women why they want to caucus for Sanders on Saturday morning.

Summer, 15, Las Vegas, student

Summer, with sign at a Bernie Sanders rally in Henderson, Nevada/Nicole Charky

"I was jut here with my mom and decided to come out with my mom. I'm tired of this friggin' rigged economy... I just thought it'd be a good learning experience."

Vanessa Sanchez, 17, Las Vegas, student

Bernie Sanders rally in Henderson, Nevada/Nicole Charky

"For me, education is a huge thing, and [Sanders] just seems to want more than other candidates have to offer."

Angelica Mullins, 18, Las Vegas, Student

Bernie Sanders rally Henderson, Nevada/Nicole Charky

"True feminism is not just choosing a woman because it's a woman. It's making an educated choice."

Shaylee Nelson, 27, Las Vegas, Bingo caller

Bernie Sanders rally in Henderson, Nevada/Nicole Charky

"I like when he said that revolution has to start from the bottom to the top, not the top to the bottom... I like that Bernie has a long history of actually helping people... [Hillary Clinton] flip flops. She was against gay marriage, now suddenly she's pro-gay marriage. I think she'll say whatever she wants to get elected, whereas I feel like Bernie's more legitimate and actually has facts to back it up and a history to back it up."

Melina Medina, 16, Las Vegas, student

Bernie Sanders Rally Henderson, Nevada/Nicole Charky

"I strongly believe in his education plans. That's something I think is very, very good... I don't think people understand how we feel [as young people] and we definitely need to be heard. He definitely does think of the younger population."

Helen Caddes, 33, Las Vegas, Musician

Bernie Sanders rally in Henderson, Nevada/Nicole Charky

"I support Bernie because of his honesty, sincerity, and consistency. He has believed the same things for 30 years. And he's stood in public saying the same things even when the entire nation was against him. He's been a fighter for civil rights, he's been a fighter for women's rights, and he's always fought the establishment on corporate spending issues, on government subsidies for corporations. He's always fought those things. He was against Citizens United. He's been upset about Glass Steagall for years. And he's always been for gay marriage, so he's sincere and consistent in a way that none of the other candidates are. You know, I can look at the other candidates and I can almost see mocked sincerity, like someone who's trying too hard. And I think that the youth are just really sick of all these political games. They're sick of the pandering. They don't want pandering anymore and they've started to spot it for themselves because they can look it up on the internet."

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