Meet the Man Making Thousands to Impersonate Donald Trump

March 6th 2016

What’s life like as a Donald Trump impersonator? Well, it’s certainly not boring.

ATTN: chatted with Tim Beasley, one of the most well-known Trump doubles out there. A licensed professional impersonator since 1986, Beasley constantly travels across the country with 80 to 85 different characters up his sleeve. He opened up about his act as the man who’s currently taking America by storm.

Tim "Donald Double" BeasleyTim Beasley - vegastributes.com

Editor's note: This interview has been condensed and edited.

ATTN: What was the inspiration for the Trump act?

TB: I started with Donald in 2004 because he was a topical celebrity with “The Apprentice.” That was the motivation behind it. This is what I do professionally. When the "Harry Potter" movies came out I became very famous as Professor Snape. When "Austin Powers" came out, I was Austin Powers. I knew Donald Trump was good material. He fell off after "The Apprentice," but now that he’s throwing his comb back into politics (laughs) it’s good to be back as him.

ATTN: Probably stating the obvious here, but has work increased in the election season?

TB: Well, of course. That’s just par for the course. Any time someone is prominent in the news you’re going to get more work. It’s fun while it’s hot.

ATTN: Walk me through a typical performance of being Donald Trump.

TB: My Trump character plays to all political alignments. I don’t talk politics. I’m the chest thumper; the big cheese. I come out as Donald Trump the same way I would as a stereotypical high school football captain walking around with his letterman jacket. Proud, chest puffed out and ego-driven, like a peacock. That’s the essence of being Donald Trump, “look at me I’m the greatest in the world.”

You're FiredTim Beasley

ATTN: What events have you done recently?

TB: I do a lot of corporate events. I recently did a SunTrust Corporate Manager’s conference. I emceed the Dillard’s “Pacesetter Awards” banquet. I do a lot of car dealerships too, especially high end. I’m talking Bentleys and Bugattis. It goes from Cadillac all the way up, catering to the Donald Trump lifestyle.

ATTN: How much money do you get for these events? Do you charge a standard fee?

TB: My salary is anywhere between $1,500 to $8,000 to $10,000 an appearance. I set my prices by knowing who can afford to pay what. I call it the difference between “GM and Grandma and Grandpa.” If you’re doing a local thing, of course the price can be lower. If you’re doing a corporation, it’s going to be a hefty fee. It also depends on my availability. If I’m asked to do three events on the same day I’m going to follow the money. Money talks.

Mingling with clientsTim Beasley

ATTN: Who are you voting for?

TB: I’m voting for Trump. To me, he expounds the same qualities as Ronald Reagan. I like somebody who says, “let’s be proud of ourselves again and keep our heads up.” It's the same attitude Reagan had, the same attitude that Kennedy (John F. Kennedy) had. I vote for the candidate, not the party. I voted for Al Gore instead of George W. Bush. If they talk sense, I vote for them. Donald Trump just has the ambition to do what this country needs.

ATTN: Are you worried about business if Trump falls short of his presidential bid?

TB: Heck, no. I’m more than a one trick pony. I have 80 different celebrities. If one falls off the wagon, I have plenty more.

Here’s the thing - you find a Donald Trump impersonator in every town now-a-days. It’s becoming the new Elvis, the new Michael (Jackson). If he loses, he’ll fade away… but I’ve been in this business for 30 years. Trump is just the latest flavor.

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