#TwinksForTrump Is the Only Thing Funny About Pro-Trump Twitter

March 7th 2016

Just when you thought this election cycle couldn't get any weirder than Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump talking about his penis during a nationally televised debate, Twitter steps in to prove you wrong. Enter @TwinksForTrump (and the related #Twinks4Trump), the only thing keeping me laughing during a campaign season that has most watching through their fingers with growing embarrassment.

They're here, they're queer, and they support Trump. (Not really, but more on that later.)

Say whaaat?

For those not in the in the know, "twink" is slang in the LGBTQ community for a young, hairless, thin gay man. This explains one part of the TwinksForTrump Twitter feed: all of the photographs of fresh-faced, shirtless guys with campy captions supporting Donald Trump.

But what about the "daddy" portion? Not to be confused with a "sugar daddy," a "dad" in the gay male world is typically a title reserved for an older man who is involved in consensual relationships with (or is interested in) with younger men.

The Donald, 69, is obviously older. Plus, with his marriage to Melania Knauss, the 24-year age difference between Trump and his fifth wife also fits the mold. Ignore Trump's sexual orientation and it makes for some hilarious, tongue-in-cheek online fun.

But they're not serious... are they?

No, the account isn't actually a group of gay men supporting Donald Trump for president, although stranger things have happened this election season. (Remember Ted Cruz's sharing the stage with Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson after his campaign endorsement? Or, when Cruz joked about making Robertson a U.N. Ambassador?)

TwinksForTrump creator, gay 24-year-old Cody Permenter, recently stepped forward to talk with New York Magazine about the account and had this to say:

"A point that the Twitter account's trying to make is how absurd Donald Trump's campaign is, and to match it with an equal amount of absurdity. [...] I think people just recognize how ridiculous the concept is, and I think that as the 2016 election unfolds, it's becoming more and more serious, and people just needed a chance to laugh about it and bring a bit of humor back into it."

It seems like Twitter agrees. The parody account is less than a week old and already has grabbed 3,000 followers.

Check out more of TwinksForTrump's tweets here.

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