A Student's Moldy School Food Photo Is Circulating Online

March 9th 2016

A photo of decidedly expired school food shared by Central High School students in Muncie, Indiana is making the rounds online this week. The photo shows a thick, green soup of mold where a bed of pillowy white cream cheese should be. 

The photo, first shared on Twitter by Central senior Isaiah York and later on Facebook by senior Quinesha Pointer, according to the Star Press, has stirred questions about the food services provided to students at Central High.

The school is in the process of outsourcing cafeteria jobs to Chartwell, a private food services provider, as a cost-cutting measure. But it's not clear whether the moldy packet came from the current provider or from Chartwell — or why it was moldy in the first place. 

Ana Pichado, a spokesperson for Muncie Community Schools, told BuzzFeed News that the packet was a fluke. She added that investigators with the Delaware County Health department found the school did "nothing wrong." 

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"I feel it's a shame that MCS is being made out negatively for something that could occur anywhere, at any time, whether a school, business, or personal home," a health department administrator told the Star Press. "An incident occurring does not point towards a trend, and does not point towards the schools not caring or not taking actions in an effort to ensure it doesn’t occur again. As a matter of fact, our local schools excel at food safety."
But according to the Star Press, pictures of inedible food at MCS have appeared online before. Kathy Carey, a school bored member, said she was "appalled" by pictures of rotten food on social media last month. 

Quinesha Pointer said she posted the photo to make sure administrators take more care with the food they serve, explaining that there have "been times where the food we was served was not right," the Press reported. 

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