Here Are 5 Highly Reviewed Marijuana Strains for Arousal

May 17th 2016

If hitting a joint makes you feel a tad frisky, you may not be alone.

"I concluded that [marijuana] greatly enhances the sexual experience for many people," Dr. Lester Grinspoon, a psychiatrist, and retired professor at the Harvard Medical School told High Times in a 2001 interview. "There’s no doubt that when people are high, they’re more sensitive to their sexual feelings and urges. In that sense, it may be an aphrodisiac. But it is not an aphrodisiac in the sense that it would lead to an erection or any other manifestation of arousal."

As ATTN: has previously reported, a survey by the condom brand SKYN also found that Millennial marijuana users had more fulfilling sex lives than their less 420-friendly peers. Smoking as a couple has also been linked to greater intimacy, while research from the University of Buffalo found that couples who smoked weed together were less likely to engage in domestic violence than those who did not.

Marijuana's use as an aphrodisiac is nothing new, and dates back to ancient Indian Ayurvedic medicine, when a marijuana-spiced beverage called "bhang" was used in tantric sex rituals and thought to increase libido, Alternet reported. While not all studies suggest that toking up is conducive to getting down, some research and anecdotal accounts report that it boosts sex drive in certain individuals.

"In a person smoking marijuana, the THC enters the bloodstream very rapidly," pharmacologist Susan Dalterio told The New York Times in 1981. "The drug's almost instant effect on the testes, as shown in the study, would seem to account for the dramatic reports of sexual arousal during and after smoking."

Two-thirds of readers in a nonscientific 2011 survey in Psychology Today reported that "de herb" improved sex, while only 12 percent said that "marijuana destroys sex." (Michael Castleman conducted the reader survey.) A fifth of those surveyed said that the effects of marijuana on sex depended on their mood and the dosage and strain of marijuana.

Since different strains of marijuana have different concentrations of ingredients, their effects also vary greatly. The online marijuana resource Leafly analyzed user reviews and compiled a list of the best strains for arousal.

Here are 5 strains of marijuana that will put you in the mood.

1. Green Crack

Green CrackLeafly -

GC EffectsLeafly -

Green Crack is an energizing sativa that heightens focus, and is often prescribed for fatigue, stress, and depression. This mental buzz also makes it a particularly sexy strain, as some Leafly reviewers have pointed out.

2. Granddaddy Purple

GDPLeafly -

GDP EffectsLeafly -

This indica causes a euphoric, relaxing high and is often used to treat pain, stress, insomnia, and muscle spasms. These relaxing effects can lower your inhibitions, and make you more readily aroused. Leafly reviewer Mochii recounted that the strain had them "floating through waves of arousal."

3. Atomic Northern Lights

ANLLeafly -

ANL EffectsLeafly -

Atomic Northern Lights is an uplifting indica-dominant hybrid, and it commonly used to treat stress, depression, pain, eye pressure, and headaches. "I think [Atomic Northern Lights] has the most tingly effect on me of all the strains," Leafly reviewer Deitab wrote. "Let your mind wander in the right direction and arousal is an easy thing."

4. Hindu Skunk

Hindu SkunkLeafly -

The indica Hindu Skunk is a mellowing strain used to treat headaches, pain and stress. Smoking can result in a strong sensation of physical arousal.

HS EffectsLeafly -

5. Sour Dream

Sour DreamLeafly -

SD EffectsLeafly -

Sour Dream is a hybrid that provides an energetic, uplifting high that eases social anxiety and has a stimulating quality. It is often used to treat stress and depression, and is also known to enhance sex and socializing generally.

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