George Takei's Latest Post About Bernie Sanders' Chances Is Going Viral

April 28th 2016

Alex Mierjeski

Actor, activist, and avowed Bernie Sanders supporter George Takei is urging Bernie Sanders supporters to keep an open mind as the decision for the Democratic nomination inches closer, and their candidate's chances at securing it seem ever slimmer.

In a viral Facebook video, Takei urged militant followers of the upstart independent senator from Vermont to "#VoteBlueNoMatterWho," namely, give former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton a chance. As Takei sees it, the bigger picture is defeating the Republican front-runner, Donald Trump. 

George Takei

Takei framed the issue as one of simple pragmatism. "From where I sit, the math is clear: Hillary likely will win, and she will be our nominee," Takei said in the video, referencing recent wins by Clinton in important primary states.

The video goes on to highlight the similarities — not differences — between the two Democratic candidates at a time when an apparent rift between Sanders supporters and Clinton fans could threaten to the party's eventual success this election season.


The candidates share similar stances on a number of issues, he reminded viewers, including expanded access to affordable health care, raising the minimum wage, funding Planned Parenthood, making college more affordable, fighting for LGBT rights, and combating climate change.

George Takei

Takei's video comes at a time when voters who unabashedly support Sanders and vehemently oppose Clinton are in the spotlight. Critics say the so-called "Bernie or Bust" crowd takes a narrow-minded approach by calling for immediate, structural change to the political system — and by brushing aside Clinton as the establishment incarnate. Observers are also worried that Sanders supporters disenchanted with a possible Clinton nomination might opt to support Trump, instead.

In a bleak summation, Takei sought to remind Sanders supporters that while their candidate's chances of success appear to be waning, a Clinton presidency is the best hand they've got.

"Bernie himself has said, 'On her worst day, Hillary Clinton will be an infinitely better candidate and president than the Republican can on his best day.'"


"If Bernie believes that," Takei added, "his supporters can, too."