Man Exposes His Penis on a Bus and Gets a Major Surprise

May 3rd 2016

What happens when you expose your penis near a bunch of women in public? Sometimes, they team up and fight back.

A YouTube video of a man in Turkey allegedly exposing himself to a group of women shows the potential outcome for flashers.

The surveillance video footage reveals an unidentified man getting attacked by multiple women on a bus after allegedly exposing his genitals to one of the female passengers. After the woman apparently shames the man in front of the entire bus, other women start smacking him.

In the video, the women appear to shove and slap the man before ultimately pushing him off the bus.

According to Metro U.K., the 34-year-old man, who was identified only through his initials AEA, was arrested. The female passenger who claimed he exposed his genitals in front of her was interviewed by police in Turkey’s north-western Kocaeli Province, Yahoo reports.

Commenters are showing support for these women:

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More women are fighting back against sexual harassment from strangers.

This isn't the first time a woman has turned the tables on a sexual harasser in public. Several months ago, a video surfaced of a Moroccan woman knocking over a man who pinched her butt in public.

In December, The Mirror reported that the man was knocked out for two hours after hitting his head on the pavement. The woman is also seen apparently yelling about the incident after striking the man.

"Men: If the concept that women are people doesn't deter you from harassing them, maybe the threat of a serious injury will do the trick," Mic's Marie Solis wrote in response to the video. "Women all over the world are beyond tired of being victims — they're striking back and striking back hard."

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