School Lunch Photos Reveal the Disturbing State of Detroit Public Schools

May 6th 2016

Detroit teachers are in the middle of a digital food fight with city administrators.

Teachers in Detroit this week staged a "sick out," resulting in the closures of 94 out of 97 public schools to call attention to news that their district is running out of money.

Critics of the action argued that teachers were depriving students of the lunches provided by the schools. Most of the district's students are "economically disadvantaged children and children of color," the Detroit Free Press reported, many of whom rely on schools for breakfast and lunch.

But teachers responded by saying the quality of the food is so low that the argument is moot.

DetroitTeach, a pro-teacher Twitter account, featured several photos with the blunt hashtag, "#SeeItBelieveIt."

Teachers kept the photos coming.

Detroit's public schools have been stuck in conflict for sometime because of budgeting issues.

This isn't the first sick-out staged by teachers to call attention to the problems their district faces.

This week's protest followed last weekend's news that the district would run out of money by June 30, and would likely not be able to pay teachers for hours they had worked and would work through the year's end, according to the Washington Post.

Schools re-opened after officials said teachers would, in fact, receive pay for hours they had already worked.

Fights over the district's larger budget problems, however, remain. Legislation proposed by state lawmakers there to ease the school district's woes was shot down by the teachers' union, who called the proposed bills "some of the most despicable anti-student, anti-public school, anti-teacher provisions we've seen in America," according to the Free Press.

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