The Reason This Gay Student Was Asked to Remove Her 'Distracting' Shirt

May 27th 2016

A Texas middle schooler was told to change her shirt because it was too distracting, according to a Facebook post by her mother. However, spaghetti straps or too much midriff were decidedly not factors in this alleged dress code "distraction" case.

According to the Facebook post, Copperas Cove resident Ali Chaney, who is gay, according to BuzzFeed News, was called into S.C. Lee Junior High's administrative office on Monday and told that her shirt — a T-shirt reading, Some people are gay, get over it!" — did not belong in school.

The Facebook post reads as follows:

"So friends and family...today was a heart breaking eye opener for my daughter Ali Chaney. She was discriminated against for wearing a tshirt about ppl being gay. 10 minutes into school she was called to the principals office. She was met by all the administration in one office was she was essentially bullied. She was told she could not leave the office until a parent brought her another shirt. She asked why and was told they weren't going to tolerate "that" in their school. My daughter became immediately upset as she felt she was being attacked. She called me at work hysterical. I went to the school with another shirt and prepared to make a written complaint. Ali was so upset that I ended up having to check her out of school and take her home. I have filed the written complaint, left a message for the school board and have contacted 3 different news stations to bring awareness to this issue. If anyone knows my Ali they know she has so much spirit. She has been taught love and acceptance and not hate and bigotry! She is an exceptional young lady with so much courage! Attached is the shirt while she is in the office. Please share this, like it, love it, leave your comments of support so Ali understands she is NOT the problem!"

Chaney was told she would be allowed to return to class after she changed into a different shirt. Her mother, Cassie Watson, arrived to drop off a new shirt, but Chaney was apparently too distraught, and was checked out of class for the rest of the day, according to post.

"I didn't understand what he meant by 'that,'" Chaney told BuzzFeed News. "I don't know if he meant the shirt or openly admitting that you're gay. I just didn't think there'd be a problem. It just felt like I was being discriminated against."

ATTN: reached out to Copperas Cove Independent School District spokeswoman Wendy Sledd for comment, but she did not immediately respond. Sledd, however, told a local NBC station that the shirt in question was "disruptive," and therefore violated the school's dress code.

"Our purpose at CCISD is to educate children, first and foremost," Sledd said in a statement to KCEN.

"The student was offered a school shirt to wear and declined," she added.

In the Facebook post, Cheney's mother said she had filed a complaint with the school. According to BuzzFeed, Watson is scheduled to meet with the principle next week.

[h/t BuzzFeed News]

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