Piers Morgan's Tweet About Muhammad Ali Is Getting Destroyed on Twitter

June 5th 2016

Piers Morgan took to Twitter to respond to the death of boxing great and civil rights icon Muhammad Ali Sunday morning, and it wasn't pretty.

In his tweet — which had been shared and liked more than 2,000 times by midmorning — the British journalist and television personality attempted to call out Ali for saying "inflammatory/racist things about white people," comparing some of the boxer's statements to Donald Trump's Islamophobia. Whoa.

Twitter leapt to Ali's defense, saying exactly how unreasonable Morgan's critique of the boxing legend was.

Morgan attempted to take Ali to task for reverse racism — the argument that white people can be treated unfairly by people of color because of their race, which implicitly suggests that white people can experience racism in the same way as black and brown people. In reality, as some on Twitter pointed out, racism is a complex system of racially based disadvantages, not simple prejudice.

Others — like this Twitter user — tried to show Morgan the difference between Donald Trump and Ali:

Morgan showed later that he simply doesn't get it. He responded to the storm on Twitter with this tweet later in the morning:

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